Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I haven't posted in a while, truth be told I've been way too busy enjoying this beautiful weather until it's time for Peyton to go to bed!  I love this weather, 75-80 degrees, light until 8pm...this is why I love NC! 

This post is devoted to something very special and important to me.  A few months ago a girl I've known for years invited me and some of my friends to an LEO Wives get together.  We wanted wives from all different departments and agencies to get together for some girl time.  For those of you married to an LEO, you know how important a support system is.  We wanted to grow our support system.  We had such an awesome time and came back with several new friends, so we had another get together and invited even more women.  From there we thought, hey lets take this even further. 

Our fearless leader (and Director), LaDonna, talked to the Wives Behind the Badge Organization and got us approved to start a North Carolina based auxiliary committee (check out our blurb)! We obtained approval with the state of North Carolina to conduct business as a nonprofit and we have already gained a great deal of support from several other ladies and law enforcement agencies!  The WBTB organization is an awesome nonprofit 505(c)(3) charity which is based out of CA and is expanding nationally.  North Carolina has nothing like this to support LEO families and has been in desperate need. We knew there were probably many families out there that could use a place to go, or people to call.

There are national level programs such as:

Families Behind the Badge – designed to extend the same support we offer on our main Wives Behind the Badge forums to the extended family members of law enforcement officers.  All family members are welcome – parent, grandparents, siblings, children, cousins, etc.  There is a special secure forum for the children ages 12-17 of officers to connect and share with each other called Blue Line Kids.            

Scholarships – two scholarships per year – one for the dependent children of law enforcement officers and one for the spouses of law enforcement officers.

Blue Line Kids – As mentioned above, a secure section of our FBTB forums just for the kids ages 12 to 17.

H.A.L.O.S. – (Helping Aid Lost Officers Survivors) offers sympathy and support in the event of a line of duty or off duty law enforcement death.  A beautiful condolence card is sent to each family with the contact information for an Angel (volunteer) who is ready to help with any support needed.  Contact: h.a.l.o.s.@wivesbehindthebadge.org·          

Resource Assistance – a large part of our work and our volunteer hours are dedicated to providing law enforcement families with resources that are essential and beneficial to them.  Available by State or by Type.

We've had Meet and Greets and recruited a lot of new volunteers recently and have picked our very first fundraiser event!  I'm so excited to see where this goes and so proud of all the women that have put in such hard work to get this group going! 

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