Thursday, November 14, 2013

Best Night Ever!

Last night was arguably one of the greatest nights of my life. Myself and 3 friends went to see the one and only Justin Timblerlake concert. We were so pumped even though we were nosebleed and had to seat apart from each other (2 and 2). We had drinks and dinner before and headed to the arena. 

After getting to the 2nd floor and grabbing some beers, my phone rang. It was a friend that shall remain nameless and she told me to get down to the 1st floor, she had better tickets for us. 

We hurried down, expecting to be in the 100's instead of 200's. WE WERE 8th ROW!  Did you read that right...EIGHTH ROW!!!  

I think the 4 of us shook and screamed most of the concert, I'm still in shock. In case you were wondering, yes he is just as sexy in person, yes he sounds just as amazing live and yes he really dances the entire time. Homeboy started at 9pm, took 1 short break and went until midnight. 

I got both of his albums on iTunes when they came out and he did most of the new stuff, all his older hits and even threw in some MJ, Elvis and Bell Biv Devoe! 


Monday, November 11, 2013

Small Group Mountain Trip

Last year our small group went on a mountain retreat to Maggie Valley. We had such a great time, we decided to do it again this year. 

This time around we picked Banner Elk and y'all, this house was ah-mazing!!  I'm still blown away with how little we paid for a 3 story, 5 BR, 3 1/2 bath house with a hot tub. Here are a few shots of this house...and yes that's our bedroom with its own fireplace (I was in love). 

We spent the first day unpacking, exploring, eating and hanging out around the campfire. The next day was our hiking day. We ended up near Blowing Rock on Rough Ridge Trail. It was a good pick...strenuous enough but not overkill. The views were gorgeous and the weather was cold!  We explored Blowing Rock after our hike and did some shopping, then went back to clean up and go to dinner. 

It was great to spend time and fellowship  with this wonderful group of people...I can't wait to do it again next year. However, I REALLY missed this munchkin! 

And she REALLY liked my boiled peanuts ;-)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2 Month Catch Up!

I'm not even going to apologize this time for being slack. I'm just going to unload a massive photo dump and catch up. I'm sure you've all been asking what the Killette Family has been up to since August, so here you go...

1.  We celebrated my birthday back in September. Sushi, World of Beer and amazing friends..couldn't have asked for more!

2.  Had fun times at our annual trip to Hillridge Farms!

3. Celebrated Halloween - adult style

4. Celebrated Halloween - family style. 

5. I ran my first 5K after not running in 4 yrs...ok I ran/walked, don't judge me. 

6. Spent most of my time with my favorite munchkin!

There you go.  I hit the highlights, I left a lot out, you're caught up for the most part :-). I'll be better, I promise. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Liquid Crack

Unlike most, I am NOT a coffee drinker. Lets just pause for a moment so everyone can gasp, fall out of their chairs, or whatever else you need to do while you process this. I've never liked coffee, even the smell makes me gag. Everyone told me I'd love it by the time I was "an adult" but here I am (I'm pretty sure 30 counts as an adult) and I still can't stand it. 

While I don't like coffee, I do love hot tea. My most recent obsession is this....

I'm always a little concerned with premixed drinks like this, but!  I'm hooked and so in love!  I prefer about 1/3 of the concentrate and 2/3 milk so it's not quite so sweet....heat it up and ENJOY!!!

Family Beach Vacay (Again)

My family has been going on a week trip to Emerald Isle since I was 3. We've stayed in the same house every year with the exception of maybe 2 years.  It got harder to go the full week as I got older, but I always try to go at least a few days each year.  We can't go the entire week since we do our own family trip to Ocracoke but Peyton has been going since she was 3 months old :-)

This year Peyton and I headed down on Wednesday morning and stayed through Sunday. The hubby had to work but was able to make it down Thurs - Sun.   

The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a blast!  I'm hoping for maybe 1 more beach weekend this summer...I'm such a beach bum!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ocracoke 2013

We had our 3rd annual week at Ocracoke with our dear friends, the Brantley's Memorial Day week and it was nothing short of amazing as usual!  Our friends, the Bassett's, started coming for a few days last year and were able to make it for 3 days this year. We were so in love with this house, we booked it for 2014 before we left!  The Bassett's are coming for the ENTIRE week next year and bringing their's going to be great!   

Instead of boring you with a thousand stories, I figured a photo dump was much easier. Enjoy!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

3rd Birthday

I truly can't believe that my baby girl turned 3 years old on Friday.  The past 3 years of my life have truly been the most amazing, exhausting, fun, trying, frustrating and wonderful years I've ever experienced.  Peyton has taught me so much, it's really crazy how much a child can treat a grown up.

I'm so in love with this age, even with the stubbornness and the tantrums.  She is seriously the funniest kid I've ever known, she keeps me laughing constantly.  I get asked on a weekly basis "is it time for #2 yet?" and not much has changed since the last time I addressed this question.  I'm still completely undecided on whether or not there will be a #2.  Peyton is a total firecracker with a temper to match.  She goes from 0 to 200 in a split second and it can be exhausting...but it's also one of the things I love about her.  She's feisty and she can handle herself!

Edwin and I both took the day off on Friday to take Peyton out for the day.  We went to a really neat "farm" called Three Bears Acres and it was blast!!  She loved every second.  Thankfully a friend of mine had been a few weeks before and had some helpful hits for me so we could really enjoy our time (i.e. start with the attractions to the left b/c everyone else goes to the right, bring a change of clothes, etc...).  Here are some pics from our day...

After leaving Three Bears Acres, we went home for a much needed nap and then got one of our gifts for Peyton ready.  When she woke up, we gave her this...

She was so excited about her new "big girl" princess bike and helmet!  She jumped right on it with no problems.  

Saturday was her birthday party.  We do the same thing every year....we invite family and a few friends and have it outside.  It has been hot every year, with the exception of this year.  This bipolar weather is making the sick!  So I made a last minute call to move the party inside when I woke up Saturday morning and I'm glad I did!  It was cold and soooo windy, but it was actually easier to decorate with the party inside.  

We did an owl theme and I thought it turned out really cute.  Unfortunately my dear husband left our sim card at work so I couldn't use our nice camera and had to use my iPhone.  My family all had their cameras though so I'll get copies of pics from them.  The party turned out great, we had the perfect amount of people...nothing too overwhelming or stressful.

After her nap (and a nice, cranky tantrum when she woke up) we had one last surprise for our princess...

She LOVES it!!!!

I'm bummed her birthday weekend is almost over, but that means one thing...our week long vacation to Ocracoke with our best friends is only 3 weeks away.  This weather better get itself figured out with a quickness!!!