Thursday, September 29, 2011

Almost Friday!

It's almost Friday and I couldn't be more excited!  I get to spend the entire day at home with my baby girl tomorrow and meet a friend for story time at the library, then head out when the hubby gets home to celebrate my co-worker's new job. 

Saturday I get to spend the day with both the hubby and Peyton, then have some Bachelorette Party fun all night...if I can stay awake!  I'm sure I'll have some very entertaining stories and pics to share after this weekend, but only the PG pics will be posted! 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!  I'll leave you with this picture of Peyton's ensemble from the other night...

Such a fashionista. 

and look at all of those teeth!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Exhausting Weekend

This is a wordy post, so I apologize in advance!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We did, but I sure feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! 

It was my "single parent weekend" (that's what I call the weekends Edwin has to work).  Friday night Peyton and I relaxed, watched a movie, and had a girls night.  Edwin got home early in the morning, slept for about 3 hrs, then left again to run in the Patrol Stroll.  He finally got back home around 11:30, hung with us for about 45 mins, then we back to sleep.  I put Peyton down for her nap at 1pm, left the monitor with Edwin, then headed to the grocery store.  While Edwin and Peyton were sleeping I...did massive grocery shopping, unloaded the groceries, cleaned out the fridge and pantry, swept the floors, loaded the dishwasher, and sat down for 5 mins to read before Peyton woke up.  I swear Mom's are Super Women, I don't know HOW we do it!  The rest of the day was pretty lazy, Edwin got up and had about an hour before he had to leave for work.  That night I was determined not to spend my night cleaning, so I only did 1 or 2 things after Peyton went to bed and relaxed the rest of the night. 

Peyton's new sleep schedule allows us to all sleep until 8 - 8:30am on weekends, it's pure bliss.  My internal alarm clock usually goes off at 6:45am regardless, but I was so wiped from Saturday I slept hard until close to 8am.  I could tell it was going to be a trying day because about 2 hrs after Peyton woke up she became very clingy and whiny.  She just cut 2 bottom teeth and is still working on her molars (1 is 1/2 way through, 1 is through on 1 side only).  She had a massively runny nose all weekend and lots of drool, so I knew she was working on more teeth.  She's really handling it well, yesterday was the first rough day we've had in a long time.  We skipped church, I just couldn't handle it by myself and she was pretty miserable, and played inside a lot.  We were going to run an errand with Edwin, but she had a major meltdown and I decided it would be best if we stayed home.  After a dose of Motrin, she was a much happier girl.  She only napped 1 1/2 hrs, so it was going to be an early bedtime.  I put her down early around 7:30pm, then the hubby and I got to painting! 

We painted our family room and I love it!  It was a beachy light teal color, which was pretty but it was too much like a beach house and it was flat paint so there were marks everywhere from when we moved in that were driving me crazy.  We painted it a deep green/sage color, it's beautiful.  Our next step is the sun room.  It's a bright yellow, we're going to tone it down to gray and get new bright colored cushions (at some point) for the furniture out there.

So today my entire body aches and I'm exhausted, but I have a BUSY weekend ahead.  I have an after work shopping trip with Nicole Thurs for "bachelorette supplies" (always fun), a work party Friday night, Bachelorette party Saturday night (super excited about that), then our friend's little girl is turning 1 on Sunday.  I don't stay up past 11pm these days, so staying out until 2am is probably going to kill me...I'm so old! 

Quick side note:  This will be the first time ever that I've missed bedtime 2 nights in a row and I'm very sad about it.  I ALWAYS put Peyton to bed and I do all  naps (when she's not at Nonnie's).  Always have.  This will also be Edwin's first night alone with her all night.  He'll be fine, but it's something I do every other week so it's nothing for me to do it.  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Future Picaso?

Every week Nonnie takes Peyton to story time at the library, she loves it.  They usually leave after story time, but this week they decided to stay for the activity time.  Peyton created her first piece of art for Mommy (yes this will be framed). 

I'm pretty sure she's an artistic genius....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday....The Rest

This weekend we concluded my birthday celebration.  The original plan was that I would be able to sleep in Saturday morning, instead the entire family got to sleep in until almost 8:30am!  I guess Peyton's like her Mommy and loves a cool, dark room for some good sleeping!  We all got up and Edwin took Peyton out to kitchen to feed her while I got myself ready.  Then I headed out to go shopping...alone...for myself.  It was pure bliss.  To those that don't have kids, I know that sounds crazy.  To those that have kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about!  I was instructed not to rush, to take my time, and enjoy myself.  I did, however, get 1 thing for Peyton.  I realized she didn't have any bedroom slippers, and a chilly morning made me think about it.  I found these bad boys at Gap...

Let's just take a minute to reflect on this ensemble.  She picked out the headband and insisted that she wear it, then found the lovely blue beads in my jewelry the color coordination.  Then Mommy came home with the leopard bedroom slippers and of course she needed to wear those as well!  That's my fashionista! 

Later that evening we had some close friends over for an oyster roast.  We sent Peyton over to Nonnie's so we could have a nice, adult evening.  It was just what I needed.  I had some awesome girl time while the guys hung out in the garage (why do we always separate like a middle school dance?!).  Here are a few pics from the night...there were lots more that will NOT be posted on this blog or FB.  Those are my blackmail pics! 

There was clearly lots of laughter...which is why I don't look normal in any of these pics!

and the infamous "self shot" that we do at every single get together....
I absolutely adore my "police wives"

I snagged Peyton's tiara for part of the night...

And then this happened....

Yes, that is my husband in a leisure suit.  Hands off ladies, he's all mine! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday...So Far

I've been slack yet again!  There hasn't been a ton going on lately worth blogging about.  Peyton and I stayed busy (a little too busy for my taste) last weekend while Edwin worked nights. 

Sunday was my birthday...yes I'm a 9/11 baby, and no there's no need to apologize or feel bad for me (I get really tired of that!).  We had our families over Sunday evening after Peyton and I got home from small group.  Edwin cooked some awesome ribs on the grill, I got some great gifts, and it was a nice relaxing night.  I don't have any pics loaded yet from Sunday evening, but I'll post them after the party this Saturday. 

Since Edwin worked nights the weekend of my birthday and has been out of town all week working, we're having a birthday party for me this coming weekend.  We invited a few friends to do an oyster roast and it's looking like PERFECT oyster roast weather.  This is a kid-free event which I'm pretty excited about...not that I don't adore my baby girl, but it's nice to have adult time and not have to keep track of the monitor or ask people to be quiet when they use the bathroom down the hall from her room! 

In addition to a fun night with friends, I get to SLEEP IN Saturday morning and go shopping...alone...for MYSELF!  I got some gift cards from my parents and my in-laws that I'm excited to use.  I'm in desperate need of some fall clothes, OK maybe not "desperate" but I could use some.  Needless to say I'm super excited about a weekend full of friends, oysters, fire pit, beer, shopping, and sleep! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Are the PIRATES of ECU!!!

College football season is officially upon us and my Pirates played their first game this past weekend.  We couldn't make it to the game, but it didn't stop Peyton and I from putting on our gear and showing our Pirate pride!!!

Check out that form!  It's a first down...PIRATES!

Alas our boys didn't win, but throwing down 31 pts against the top ranked defense of USC ain't too shabby in my book.  

"Awww, what happened ECU?!" 

She still rocked her adorable pink/white seersucker ECU dress to church the next day :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Valentine Miracle - Madeline's Story

I wanted to share the story of Madeline Ray with you guys.  Madeline is a 15 yr old high school student that has suffered 2 strokes in the past few years.  I read an article in the newspaper about her and a fundraiser that will be held September 10th to help assist her family with medical bills.  The article had a link to her blog and after reading her posts I was in awe of this amazing 15 year old girl that has been through so much in the past 4 years. 

Please check out Madeline's Blog and do what you can to help this strong, amazing girl and her family.