Monday, May 7, 2012

Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday!

May 3, 2010...6lbs 8oz...born at 6:08pm

My precious girl's 2nd birthday has come and gone, and it.was.a.blast!  Honestly, I enjoyed her 2nd birthday party even more than her 1st birthday. 

I took the day off Thursday and we went to her doctor's appointment...not before enjoying a cupcake for breakfast though.  I don't have the paper with me, but she's still tall and skinny.  She was right around 24 lbs and I can't remember her height, but it was tall.  There were no shots this time (woo hoo!), so it was a quick in and out.  A friend of mine works at the front desk of her pediatrician's office, so she hooked Peyton up with some stickers and suckers.  It's amazing how excited she was over a butterfly sticker and a dum-dum.  We left there and went for a visit to my office.  Most of them haven't seen her since she was a little baby so I let her roam around and my work BFF, Kim, hooked her up with some bags of cookies we keep stashed in our supply area.  From there we did some shopping and I let her pick out a birthday present because she didn't already have enough stuff (insert sarcasm here).  She picked a baby doll, big surprise I know.  She named her Emma, this is her 4th Emma.  I'm not sure why she's determined to  name every.single.doll she has, Emma?  Either way, then we went for a fancy lunch at Chick-Fil-A and headed home for a nap.  Pretty much the perfect morning/afternoon.  When she woke up we played outside until Daddy got home, then headed out to North Hills for dinner at McAllister's and to listen to the beach music.  It was wonderful...

She loved the fountains at North Hills

Shopping and going out to eat is hard work!
(note Emma #4)

About to head out
(This would be Emma #2)

Saturday was her party and it was a BLAST!  We went smaller this year only inviting immediate family and a handful of friends.  It made the whole party so much more relaxing.  We had a butterfly themed party...perfect weather...perfect day.  I'll skip going on and on about it and just post a zillion pics, OK (I'm totally serious about there being a zillion pics)? 




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