Friday, April 27, 2012

A Few More Days...

This is my very last week with a 1 yr old.  Who knows, I could never have a 1 yr old again...I haven't decided yet.  Either way, this is a huge milestone!  Next Thursday (May 3rd) my precious little girl will be the big 0-2 and I really can't believe it.  I can't help but be pretty proud of myself for this whole parenting thing...2 yrs and she's healthy, smart, we've avoided serious injury, still alive.  Yup, I rock.  We're getting a hold on this whole tantrum thing too.  Oh, she still has them (a lot) but I'm learning different ways to deal with them and they've definitely been shorter these days.  I'm seeing such changes as she approaches the 2 yr mark.  She's becoming a lot more independent and constantly says "no, my do it"...and usually I let her.  I'm trying to get my husband more on board with letting her try things on her own.  As long as she's not going to get hurt, I'm pretty good with letting her try to do things on her own.  Yes she may spill a huge cup of water on the floor, drop the container of dog food, or pour soap all over the counter...but she's learning how to do things and that's more important than any mess.  I'll do a 2 yr post and fill you in on my girl next week.  I'm sure you'll all be anxiously awaiting that post.

I'm very excited to take the day off next week and spend it entirely with the birthday girl.  After her doctor's appointment we're going to do some shopping, get some food, and most likely eat cupcakes all day.  When Daddy gets home, she'll get her big gift from us.  I've been excited about her present for weeks.  We bought her a car!  Check out this sweet ride...

I'm hoping that when she's 15 or 16 and asks for a car I can just say "We've already bought you one car, you should have taken better care of it!".   I think she'll love it.  She's a speed demon (4 mph is crazy fast to a 2 yr old) and is obsessed with cars thanks to her Daddy.

Next Saturday, on Cindo De Mayo, is her butterfly birthday party.  I think I'm mostly ready am totally ready for it...kinda totally. 


  1. Cute car!! I can't believe she is almost 2. I hope you guys have a fantastic birthday next week!

  2. I can't stand it!! How are these girls so big? Can't wait to hear about her party and read the 2 year old update. I would be willing to bet you are WAY ahead of me in the planning game :-). I've got the favors....that should count for something....right :-)! Happy birthday Peyton (almost!)