Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trying to Be Better!

Sigh, I've slacked yet again!  I can't even remember what all we've been up to over the past month honestly. 

We did get to go to the beach with my family for a few days at the end of July, which was awesome.  Peyton is such a beach bum and we jump at any trip to the beach we can.  She spent her time jumping the waves, digging (and I mean doing some serious digging) and walking more than any person should walk on the beach!

Let's see...we did finally get a new car for me, yay!  We kept our SUV but it was way past time we got a commuter car for me.  So the hubby searched Craigslist and found me a 2009 Honda Civic and I LOVE it!  He had to travel a few hours to get it, but the deal was way too good to pass up.  We found a guy to tint the windows for an awesome deal too.  Here's the new ride without the tinted windows...

Other than that, there have been some museum trips and really a lot of cuteness.  Peyton talks all.the.time.  I swear she learns a new paragraph (we're way past one new word daily) everyday.  Oh and next week we have Parent's Night for preschool, I can't believe it!  She'll start right after Labor Day!

Last but not least, T minus 9 days until my birthday festivities begin!  My birthday is September 11th (yes I know) and it's a pretty big one this year so I'm letting myself celebrate for the ENTIRE month of September.  We're starting it off right with my Dirty 30 celebration in Myrtle Beach at the end of this month...4 couples...NO kids...3 days...loads of fun!  Then my amazing husband bought tickets to the Ben Folds Five concert for me later in September, I'm so pumped! 

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