Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

We didn't do a lot this weekend by choice.  The hubby was in a training all week and we barely saw each other, so we didn't want a hectic weekend.  Peyton got her first hair cut this weekend.  Ok, so it's really just a small trim but it makes a world of difference.  She's had these long strands hanging down her back for months making her look slightly homeless (see below). 

Now it's all trimmed up and looks adorable!  She loved having her hair trimmed, as long as she was able to play with the spray bottle :)

 Notice the lack of scraggly hairs!

 We also did a lot of playing in the dirt, which is always fun. 

For those of you that live in the area, you know Saturday it rained...I mean REALLY rained...ALLLLL day.  We had a Family Fun Day planned on Saturday for Wives Behind the Badge, and I was really looking forward to our event.  We had reserved a shelter at an awesome park in the area, but alas the rain took over.  A few dedicated families came out despite the rain and it ended up being a really fun time.  The kids got to ride the carousel, train and boats as many times as they wanted without waiting in line.  They had a blast and that's all that matters!

Can we please ignore my lack of makeup and horrible rain-soaked curled-up hair?!

Saturday evening we hit up the mall to get a few fall clothes for Peyton.   I came down with a nasty fever while we were out and we had to cut the trip short (not before we got ice cream though).  Everyone else had a cold earlier in the week and I guess it was my turn, I thought I had escaped it.  I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday in the bed or on the couch.  Thankfully Peyton wanted to be pretty chill on Sunday and I was able to rest most of the day.  I'm still feeling pretty crummy today, but I hope to have this mess gone soon.

We have a busy weekend coming up with our town's Harvest Festival and a baby shower.  Not to mention I have to pick out our Halloween costumes SOON!!!

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