Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Catch Up!!!

I've been an absolute horrible blogger the past few weeks...well months really.  Same old excuse, life has been busy and when I get some free time I've preferred cuddling in my bed watching Christmas movies! 

Here are a few things we've done in the past 3 weeks...

1.  Had family pictures made!

2.  Went to the Holiday Express...rode the carousel and visited Santa (a success this year!)


3.  Peyton had her very first preschool Christmas program!
*I was soooo nervous about this (especially since she was fussing when I dropped her off) but she did AMAZING!  She loved being on the stage and sat through the entire performance without a hitch!

4.  Battled a nasty cold while cutting 3 of her 2 yr molars...very pitiful! 

5.  Just enjoyed time together and getting ready for Christmas!!!!


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