Thursday, November 14, 2013

Best Night Ever!

Last night was arguably one of the greatest nights of my life. Myself and 3 friends went to see the one and only Justin Timblerlake concert. We were so pumped even though we were nosebleed and had to seat apart from each other (2 and 2). We had drinks and dinner before and headed to the arena. 

After getting to the 2nd floor and grabbing some beers, my phone rang. It was a friend that shall remain nameless and she told me to get down to the 1st floor, she had better tickets for us. 

We hurried down, expecting to be in the 100's instead of 200's. WE WERE 8th ROW!  Did you read that right...EIGHTH ROW!!!  

I think the 4 of us shook and screamed most of the concert, I'm still in shock. In case you were wondering, yes he is just as sexy in person, yes he sounds just as amazing live and yes he really dances the entire time. Homeboy started at 9pm, took 1 short break and went until midnight. 

I got both of his albums on iTunes when they came out and he did most of the new stuff, all his older hits and even threw in some MJ, Elvis and Bell Biv Devoe! 


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  1. sooooo jealous! I love JT (even when he had day-glo yellow brillow pad curls in the 90s). I saw so many of my friends instagramming videos and photos from the concert and was green with envy. Glad y'all had a great time, 8th row, wow!