Wednesday, May 4, 2011

12 Month Update

Yesterday...on her birthday...Peyton had her 12 month appt.  I felt awful for scheduling it on her actual birthday, but it was the best day this week for us to go.  It did not go as well as every other appt has, I think she has finally figured out what they do to you at the doctor's office!  She usually loves going and loves seeing Lisa, but not this time.  Poor girl cried from the time they called her name until the time we left.  The finger prick hurt my heart, I hated that part!  As soon as she was in the car she was laughing and talking like everything was fine, little stinker!  Here are her stats...

Height - 29.5"
Weight - 21.8 lbs
Head Circumference - I don't remember

She was the same as last time, in between the 50th and 75th percentile in all categories. 

What she's doing at 1 year...
  • Bed 7:30pm - 7am
  • Naps at 10am and 3pm (except Sundays)
  • Eats anything we put in front of her
  • Completely off the bottle!!!
  • Drinking whole milk and water
  • Wearing 12 month clothes
  • Talks all.the.time
  • Separation anxiety had calmed down for a while, now she seems to be having another spike of it
  • Has 6 teeth...working on 2 more right now
  • Hair has lightened from dark brown to light brown with blond highlights
  • Has taken her first independent steps
  • Loves walking while holding one of my hands, but gets frustrated that she can't go as fast as she wants
  • Hugs and kisses everything
  • Loves taking things out of boxes/containers/baskets and then putting them back in
  • Wagon rides are a must every evening
  • Now points to things she wants and is making up gestures/sounds to go with certain when she's hungry she smacks her lips and/or says "nummy nums" 
  • Loves making animal sounds, pointing to body parts, repeating words
That's all I can think of right now.  It's so hard for me to believe this time last year I was completely sleep deprived and holding my newbrorn baby girl.   Life wasn't complete before she came along!

We gave her a cupcake last night to celebrate, we just couldn't wait until the party to do it! 
Here are a few pics...

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