Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Much to Report

I've been such a lazy blogger the past week.  Honestly, I've been spending every free second with my princess.  This was Edwin's week to work nights, so it was just me and her every evening and most of the days this weekend.  Not to mention work has been INSANE the past few weeks.  As soon as Peyton is asleep, all I care about doing is crashing on the couch.

We had a pretty uneventful weekend.  Edwin worked Friday and Saturday nights and slept until the next afternoon.  Saturday morning Peyton and I got up and did a little shopping.  Nonnie came with us and we met up with my friend Carmen and her son Greyson.  Saturday night and Sunday morning Peyton was so incredibly cuddly...I ate it up.  She has recently started having longer periods of laying on the floor or laying on me and just relaxing.  It's so great.  She absolutely loves her Boppy and she'll roll all over that thing.  So Saturday we spent the evening laying on the floor in the living room, cuddling, and watching TV.  I couldn't have asked for anything better (except having Edwin there of course).  After Peyton went to bed I cuddled up with some Oreos and a glass of milk and watched back to back chick flick's, it was a nice Saturday night.  It's so crazy how my definition of a "fun Saturday night" has changed over the past few years.  I used to be such a party girl, I NEVER stayed in on a Saturday night and I definitely wasn't in the bed by 10pm.  It's a good change though.

Sunday Peyton decided to sleep in until 8am, of course my internal alarm still went off at 7am so I got up and got myself ready...then got back in the bed for 40 more mins of rest.  We didn't make it to church this week, I physically didn't have it in me to go it alone this weekend.  I had 3 horrible nights of sleep in a row thanks to thunderstorms and a terrified dog and then Edwin coming in late always wakes me up.  I was dragging hard this morning.  After Peyton woke from her 1st nap, I fed her and woke Edwin up, then we all headed out to the mall just to get out.  Peyton literally ate 1/4 of  my 6 inch sub when we stopped for lunch at the food court...after she had already had her own lunch at home!  She sure does love to eat.  We went home, put Peyton down for nap #2, then played outside this evening. 

Nothing crazy exciting, but it was nice.  Next weekend we have a party on Saturday night (baby free night, woo hoo), we're taking Peyton to the Go to be NC Festival, and Carmen and I are doing some grocery shopping for our beach trip the following weekend!!!  Lots of fun stuff coming up!

Yes, she's in the fridge!  Crazy girl. 

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