Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mommy Language

Friday I took the day off and had a Mommy/Daughter day, it was wonderful.  We went to story time, did arts and crafts at the library, then went out to lunch with my friend Erin and her son Jonah.  While we were at lunch, I got tickled thinking about how Mommy's really have their own language. 

For example, this is how most of our lunch went...

Erin:  Are those the jeans you got at Kohl's...Jonah you need to eat
Me:  Yes, they...Peyton, no ma'am don't touch that....are.  They're so comfortable.
Erin:  They're really....Jonah stop that, come over here and eat...cute. 
Me:  Thanks, I wish...Peyton what did Mommy say?!  Come here and drink your juice...I had gotten
        another pair. 

It's hilarious to me how we can have a conversation about something, while screaming at  redirecting our kids at the same time.  Just add that to the list of 167836 other things we can multitask!

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