Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas, and tantrums, and teeth...oh my!

Hold on for another really long random, all over the place, post!  I'll try to follow in the order of the title. 

This weekend we took Peyton to a few Christmas celebrations, and had a great time (for the most part).   Friday night our small town had the annual Christmas tree lighting, and Nonnie and Pa Pa were there playing hand bells.  Peyton had a good time, with the exception of a melt down because she couldn't follow some dogs that were there.  She got to hang with her boyfriend Owen, so that cheered her up.  We dropped her off back at home with my in-laws, and headed out for our church Volunteer Appreciation night.  We had a blast.  Saturday we went to the local library for their Christmas party.  It was great, they had crafts, stories, cookies, and Santa.  Her boyfriend Owen came, and he actually sat with Santa.  Our Santa experience did not go quite as well.  There was no massive meltdown or tears, but she made it very clear we would NOT be getting a picture with Santa and clung to me with the death grip.  She did, however, make sure to get her candy cane from Mrs. Claus! 

** I thought the Santa visit might work because she seems to be over her fear of men and has been really in to hugging and kissing EVERYONE lately.  But alas, that did not carry over to Santa. **

Saturday night was a rough one, which brings us to tantrums.  I'm not bragging, and I know I've said this before, but Peyton has always been an awesome sleeper.  I can count on one hand how many times I've had to get up with her in the middle of the night in almost the past year, so when she started screaming on Saturday night at 10pm I knew it wouldn't be good.  I went in her room and felt A-W-F-U-L.  We have a tower heater that automatically turns on and off based on the temp you set it at, well she apparently hit a button so it just stayed was 87 degrees in her room ya'll.  Mom of the year right here!  On top of the heat, I determined she's cutting her bottom 2 k9's, and she had some tummy issues earlier that day.  Long story short, she screamed from about 11 until 2:30am non stop.  If I went in there, she wanted me to hold her, as soon as I left she flipped out.  Usually if she has any issues like that, she'll cry for 5 or 10 mins then go to sleep but not Sat. night.  I think between teething pain and tummy issues, it was just too much.  She finally went to sleep close to 3am and then was up at 7:45am, so basically we all had about 4 hrs of sleep.  She woke up covered in diarrhea so we had a nice early morning bath, but thankfully she was in a good mood. 

We had a lazy Sunday while Daddy worked the Christmas parade.  Peyton seemed to feel OK, she was just dragging from the lack of sleep (so was Mommy).  I decided to put her down for her nap a little early and cue the 37 minute long tantrum, yes I timed it.  It was obvious she was over exhausted and I expected a tantrum, but this one was off the charts.  She spent pretty much the entire time running through the house completely naked (except for her socks) and screaming at the top of her lungs...all because I tried to put a clean diaper on.  I finally just sat back in her room until she decided she was done.  Eventually she came back with her juice, crawled up in my lap, let me get her clothes on and read a book.  I'm still recovering from that tantrum. 

Tantrums seem to be very prevalent over the past week at our house.  She goes weeks with none, then a week of 100.  They come out of nowhere.  One second she's fine, then I didn't pour her juice right and she's stomping her feet (her newest tantrum trick) and screaming. 

I know I'm whining, it's my blog and I'm allowed to!  As exhausting as this whole toddler hood thing is, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  For every bad day, we have tons of good ones.  This age really is so much fun, you can just see the wheels constantly turning in her head and everything is so new and amazing. 

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  1. Sawyer has a mouth full of teeth and is working on a few more right now and it is absolute torture (for both of us). if the pain/crying isn't bad enough, he is drooling TERRIBLY.