Friday, February 21, 2014


Let me start off by saying that NO, I'm not pregnant!  Most of you know that I'm both a Mommy and I work full time.  I'm truly blessed to have a good job with great benefits, but even with 2 full time incomes things come up.  We've had a few of those large, unexpected expenses pop up recently and they were no fun!  I'm not a fan of credit cards and really want to work on growing our "nest egg" for savings, unexpected emergencies, vacations, etc...

That being said, I've decided to take on a new side venture with a company I just recently learned about.  As of today....

I am a new consultant for Jamberry Nails!!!

I actually found out about this company from a sweet blogging buddy, Ashlynn (check out her blog).  She just recently became a consultant and had her first party on Facebook.  I was immediately hooked when I looked at the website and saw how incredible this product is.  Those that know me know my toenails are ALWAYS painted and I love keeping my fingernails painted.  But let's face it, nail polish chips by day 2...3 if you're lucky.  I get so tired of always repainting my fingernails.  With Jamberry's I don't have to, and they're so much more fun than bland polish!  

You're probably asking "what in the world is Jamberry"?  They're non-toxic nail wraps that bond and seal to your nails with nothing but heat from your hairdryer!  They last up to 2 weeks on fingernails and 4-6 weeks on toenails. 

They seriously have a pattern for any outfit you could imagine.  If you're not in to funky patterns, that's fine too.  There are tons of solid colors, french tips, etc...  With spring and summer coming, these things are a dream come true for me!

 Another thing I love is that they have Jamberry's for kids!  My almost 4 year old is already requesting different patterns and I love the thought of not having to paint her nails every few days!

If you have any questions or want to know more about Jamberry, feel free to email me at  You can also go on my website and place an order or book a party any time you want by visiting  I can't wait to hear from you!

I've been trying out some different styles and will be posting here, on my Facebook page as well as Instagram (@Jessecu82).


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    1. You and me both! I think this will be a great side job!

  2. Yessss!!!!! LOVE IT. Welcome to the Jamberry Family girl! :)