Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Randoms

We had a fun but incredibly busy weekend!  They always seem more hectic when you've been flying mostly solo because your husband has had crazy shifts at work!  I think we saw him 1 night last week for the entire night.

My cousin and his wife were visiting from Colorado, so we met up with my family for dinner when I got off work Friday evening. Of course Edwin had to work late yet again, so it was just Peyton and I.  It was so great to see them both!  

When I got home and put her to bed, I spent the rest of the evening working on Jamberry stuff. I'm seriously having so much fun with it already!  I did my first manicure Friday and immediately got questions about my nails when we were at dinner. In fact, I've been asked about my nails ALL weekend!  Here's a pic of my 1st manicure attempt...

I LOVE it!!!  I've had a busy weekend and my manicure is still going strong!

Saturday Peyton had a play date with her friend Claire. They had a great time playing dress up, painting, decorating cupcakes and running around. 

We celebrated my Nana's birthday that evening and had a great time eating and listening to stories about when she was young. I could sit for hours listening to her!  

Then today we had church then went out to lunch with a couple from our church afterward. After nap time Peyton and I ran errands, did crafts and she crashed hard. 

We're all exhausted and I can't believe tomorrow is already Monday!  But for now I'm going to relax and enjoy The Walking Dead!!!!!  

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

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