Friday, December 17, 2010


I want to be completely honest and real on my blog, and I'm currently having a slight dilemma.  If you don't know me, I'm an Executive Secretary with a Human Services department.  I don't love my job, it's lower level than what I could/should have, and when I was hired my boss knew I wouldn't be here forever.  I really don't do a lot of "secretary" work anymore as my position has evolved more into doing database work, which is the only thing I actually do enjoy here.  Of course that means I do higher level work for lower level pay.  I figure it's job experience though.  I've been applying for other positions with different work schedules.  My goal is ultimately to work a little closer to home and get off earlier so I can spend more time with Peyton during the week. 
This morning my boss offered me the position of a co-worker that is retiring in February.  I have the experience and the degree to qualify and she wanted to offer it to me before posting it.  I told her I would think about it, but that my heart wasn't really in it.  I'm not interested in the work that position does at all and it's not anything I would ever pursue in the future.  It is however a higher level position and a pay raise.  I went to my husband for some support, unfortunately all he could see was the money.  He couldn't believe I would ever turn down more money.  His advice was to take the job while I job hunt, my Mom seems to have the same opinion.  But when over 50% of the staff that do that particular job are trying to get out and complain to me about it on a daily basis...why would I add that kind of stress to my life? 
I feel like I have made up my mind, I'm just not 100% sure.  I would love to hear any feedback, opinions, views, life stories, etc...  Feel free to email me at if you don't want to post.  Thanks for reading!


  1. You know I work at the SECU. I have a degree and am doing work I dont love and am not getting paid a lot for. I understand both aspects but I guess I would think about what if you cant find what youre looking for right now (with the economy the way it is) and someone else gets that job...are you going to resent someone else having it? Thats a toughy...You have to go with your heart and now that youre a mommy you have to think what is best for that cute little girl :)

  2. I definitely wouldn't resent anyone else getting the job, in fact I would probably feel bad for them! I guess that should tell me my decision right there huh? Thanks for commenting!

  3. This is tough! One thing to think about would be if you do take the new job as a stepping stone, on your resume you would be able to list the higher pay grade which might help with future jobs and what you would ask for regarding salary. Are you able to think about this new job opportunity as just a temporary means to an end? You've gotta decide if it will really help in the end and if it is something that will help you be at home more. I don't envy your position, it is a tough one! Best of luck!

  4. The pay would help out, but the experience would not as it's not anything I would pursue in the future. It's definitely hard, but I don't think I'm going to take it. I think it would be more stress and drama in the end, which is why I'm trying to find something else as it is.

    ps - I'm trying your recipe out tonight! It's been cooking all day, I'm so excited :)

  5. hmm...i'm gonna have to go with edwin and nonnie on this one... for most of the reasons that grace listed :) (well, in the first few lines)

    take the new job, keep looking for your "dream job", then... use your raise to help you negotiate a good pay scale at your "dream job"...

    that's my opinion from the outside HOWEVERRRRR.... i also read that story as a mommy of a sweet little girl and can TOTALLY understand why you wouldn't want to add that extra stress to your job...

    so, do you "grin and bear it" at your current job or "grin and bear it" at the new position and make more money?

    ...and remember the grass isn't always greener on the other side...err, at the other job :)