Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're in For it Now!

I knew Peyton had started trying to pull up about 2 weeks ago because I watched her in her crib through the video monitor.  She could get most of the way up, but would fall back down.  She did pull up using my leg once.  Well Nonnie heard some noises last week during Peyton's nap time, she walked in to find....

Since that day she has been trying to pull up on everything!  We went ahead and lowered her crib at home and now she pulls up every morning when she's ready to get up.  Let the fun begin huh?!


  1. She's getting so big!! I can't believe she's pulling up so much! We just moved Ruthie's crib down bc she's starting to grab the crib slats! Can't believe we're to this stage.

  2. Peyton has been sleeping 12 hrs straight at night for the past few weeks...until last night. She spent from 3am - 5am pulling up then crying because she couldn't get down. Don't you love these new developmental milestones?! I'm praying she figures it out SOON, I've been spoiled with so much sleep!