Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Bit of Nothing

Once again I've been slack on the blogging, and once again I'm starting my blog with this same line! 

There isn't much to report, we've just been crazy busy.  I'm chasing (literally) a toddler around everyday and she's starting to assert herself and every now and then we'll get a wicked temper tantrum.  It's usually because she either wants to go outside, wants to walk up and down 100 times some set of steps, or wants to me to hold her hand so she can run through the house (she isn't to the point of running yet, but she loves to do it.  So she wants me to hold her hand constantly so she can run through the house).  Luckily she's young enough so I can usually distract her with something else and she's over it in a few seconds, but every now and then she throws a massive one.  I'm talking head thrown back, arched back, on the floor, tantrum.  I must admit they're pretty amusing.  She's such a diva, I have NO idea where she got that from ;) 

I still get surprised when I'm standing at the kitchen counter and I feel someone tug on my pants and it's Peyton standing up behind me.  It blows me away to see her walk everywhere!  It's very bittersweet.  I will say it's so nice that she can walk around when we're outside or when we're walking back across the yard from my Mom's house and my hands are full.  She's a good mix of independent and needy right now and I'm eating it up.  She still wants to cuddle and give hugs and kisses, but she's good with playing in another room and occupying herself while I cook or clean. 

I'm STILL having a hard time getting back on track after vacation.  Luckily we'll be heading back to the beach at the end of July, so I'm just trying to look forward to that!  Maybe I'll have something more interesting to blog about later this week!


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