Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This post is going to be all over the place, so I apologize in advance!

I'm super excited about our weekend coming up.  Ever since we got back from vacation, I've had a really hard time getting off "island time".  I miss everything about Ocracoke, as I do every year.  I'm meant to live by the water, I just know it.  Maybe that will happen for us one day.,,but back to our weekend (see what I mean by all over the place)! 

Edwin works every other weekend, so we really try to make the best of the time we do have together.  Which, by the way, is something most "normal" couples seriously take for granted.  Friday night I have a tentative girl's night planned, hopefully that will work out because I sure do miss hanging with the girls.  Saturday we're getting up and heading to the mall to get Edwin's requested Father's Day gift.  He wants a nice pair of sunglasses (cops are very particular about their sunglasses). 

Saturday evening we're having a date night to celebrate our 5 YEAR anniversary!  Our actual anniversary is June 24th but you guessed it, he has to work.  So we're celebrating early and doing a dinner and movie night.  A week at Ocracoke was our anniversary gift to ourselves, so we didn't plan any kind of get away.  As much as I would have loved to get out of town for a few days, I still can't stand the thought of going out of town without Peyton! 

Lately I've found myself thinking back over the past 5 years and realizing how fast our lives have completely changed.  When Edwin and I met in 2005, I had just graduated from ECU and we were both living it up.  I had been interviewing for jobs in New Bern because (as previously stated) I was determined to live closer to the beach.  But that wasn't in God's plan.  Edwin was offered a job at a police department right by my home town, so as soon as he graduated BLET we moved back.  I swore I would never move back, I loved everything about Greenville....there was always something to do, a 45 min drive to the beach, you could pretty much walk everywhere (which came in handy with all the partying we did), and I loved that relaxed feeling the town had.  But as I got older and stopped partying so hard, my love of Greenville started to waiver.  I started doubting this was the place I wanted to raise a family...after all it is a college town.  The move was hard on me.  I had to leave all of my friends, my job, my life.  I missed being able to call up one of my girl friends and say "hey lets go out for drinks".  Edwin started with the PD as soon as we moved, so I was alone most of the time without any of my friends and no job.  Needless to say, it was a rough few months.  Getting used to a police officer's schedule is not easy for anyone.  But I got a job pretty fast and our police family embraced us and it started to feel like home again.  Next thing you know 5 years have passed...we have a beautiful new home....and a 1 year old daughter!  I'm so thankful to have our parents so close, especially now that we have Peyton.  I understand now what God was doing when he moved us back here.  But my heart is still further east...only time will tell. 

Again I'm jumping, but BACK to our weekend!  Sunday we're having a birthday/ father's day fiesta.  My Dad's birthday is this week so we're combining everything and having a small gathering.  My in-laws are coming, as well as us and my Grandma.  We'll be grilling out, drinking some wine (it's not a family gathering if we don't), and just enjoying time together.  I have a few surprises for Edwin that day as well since it is his 2nd Father's Day! 

I hope you all have a great rest of the week, and if you read this far I'm seriously impressed!


  1. Of course I had to comment :) You are so right about cops and their glasses. I'm amazed the hubs hasn't lost his in the past 2 years. I wish we lived closer together, so we could whine about the police schedule! It has actually become such a problem for our family that Jimmy is going to put in for an 8-5 position with the Police Dept :) That's a whole other post for another time! I hope you guys get back to the beach soon!

  2. I wish we lived closer too! Now that Edwin's back at the PD after his 2 yrs of undercover work with ATF (that was interesting to say the least), he's a Detective and was supposed to have an 8-4 schedule like the other Detectives. However, they created a whole new schedule for him since he's the only one that works drugs/violent crimes and still does ATF work. It's still better than a patrol schedule most of the time, but even when he's home he's on the phone about a case or gets called out. Good luck with the new position!