Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was wonderful, and I hope yours was as well!  We stayed around home since Edwin was on call, and somehow he actually didn't get called out the entire weekend! 

We went over and enjoyed our neighbor's swimming pool several times while they were on vacation.  My little water baby loved it, which was no surprise to anyone. 

Friday night Edwin worked on a car he's remodeling while I sat on the patio with my parents and consumed an entire bottle of Merlot...that was a fun night.  Sunday a friend of ours had us over for an awesome seafood bake, so we were able to have an evening out while Nonnie and PaPa watched Peyton. 

I must say though, the highlight of the weekend for me was our first trip to Marbles Museum.  I see why everyone takes their kids all the time now!  You really can't beat this place for only $5 a person.  We picked the perfect time to go, 9am right as the doors opened.  We had the downstairs to ourselves for the most part and just as it was getting crowded, we headed upstairs and had that to ourselves as well.  Peyton grinned from ear to ear the ENTIRE time we were there.  It was so nice to go somewhere that's safe for kids to roam around.  You don't have to say "no, come back" or "no sweetie, don't touch that".  It's a total free-for-all and definitely an awesome place for toddlers. 

She ran and played so hard at Marbles, she crashed when we got home and slept for 2 hours.  Mommy even got a good hour long nap in.  That evening my parents came over and we grilled out, Peyton played in her little swimming pool for what seemed like hours.  That child will stay in a pool or bathtub all day if you let her! 

All in all it was the perfect 4th of July at home!  Of course I HAVE to share some pictures!

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