Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday....The Rest

This weekend we concluded my birthday celebration.  The original plan was that I would be able to sleep in Saturday morning, instead the entire family got to sleep in until almost 8:30am!  I guess Peyton's like her Mommy and loves a cool, dark room for some good sleeping!  We all got up and Edwin took Peyton out to kitchen to feed her while I got myself ready.  Then I headed out to go shopping...alone...for myself.  It was pure bliss.  To those that don't have kids, I know that sounds crazy.  To those that have kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about!  I was instructed not to rush, to take my time, and enjoy myself.  I did, however, get 1 thing for Peyton.  I realized she didn't have any bedroom slippers, and a chilly morning made me think about it.  I found these bad boys at Gap...

Let's just take a minute to reflect on this ensemble.  She picked out the headband and insisted that she wear it, then found the lovely blue beads in my jewelry the color coordination.  Then Mommy came home with the leopard bedroom slippers and of course she needed to wear those as well!  That's my fashionista! 

Later that evening we had some close friends over for an oyster roast.  We sent Peyton over to Nonnie's so we could have a nice, adult evening.  It was just what I needed.  I had some awesome girl time while the guys hung out in the garage (why do we always separate like a middle school dance?!).  Here are a few pics from the night...there were lots more that will NOT be posted on this blog or FB.  Those are my blackmail pics! 

There was clearly lots of laughter...which is why I don't look normal in any of these pics!

and the infamous "self shot" that we do at every single get together....
I absolutely adore my "police wives"

I snagged Peyton's tiara for part of the night...

And then this happened....

Yes, that is my husband in a leisure suit.  Hands off ladies, he's all mine! 


  1. Hahah, that leisure suit is hilarious!


  2. loving that leisure suit. too wonderful!

  3. A LEISURE SUIT?! i thought it was a child sized ski bibs!! bahahha... funny!!

  4. So funny!! Happy Birthdayyy!!:)