Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Are the PIRATES of ECU!!!

College football season is officially upon us and my Pirates played their first game this past weekend.  We couldn't make it to the game, but it didn't stop Peyton and I from putting on our gear and showing our Pirate pride!!!

Check out that form!  It's a first down...PIRATES!

Alas our boys didn't win, but throwing down 31 pts against the top ranked defense of USC ain't too shabby in my book.  

"Awww, what happened ECU?!" 

She still rocked her adorable pink/white seersucker ECU dress to church the next day :)

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  1. my tailgating crowd and I made the trip to Charlotte for the big game and it was a great time, just exceptionally hot and it SUCKED that we did so well the first half before giving the game away with all those turnovers :(