Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday...So Far

I've been slack yet again!  There hasn't been a ton going on lately worth blogging about.  Peyton and I stayed busy (a little too busy for my taste) last weekend while Edwin worked nights. 

Sunday was my birthday...yes I'm a 9/11 baby, and no there's no need to apologize or feel bad for me (I get really tired of that!).  We had our families over Sunday evening after Peyton and I got home from small group.  Edwin cooked some awesome ribs on the grill, I got some great gifts, and it was a nice relaxing night.  I don't have any pics loaded yet from Sunday evening, but I'll post them after the party this Saturday. 

Since Edwin worked nights the weekend of my birthday and has been out of town all week working, we're having a birthday party for me this coming weekend.  We invited a few friends to do an oyster roast and it's looking like PERFECT oyster roast weather.  This is a kid-free event which I'm pretty excited about...not that I don't adore my baby girl, but it's nice to have adult time and not have to keep track of the monitor or ask people to be quiet when they use the bathroom down the hall from her room! 

In addition to a fun night with friends, I get to SLEEP IN Saturday morning and go shopping...alone...for MYSELF!  I got some gift cards from my parents and my in-laws that I'm excited to use.  I'm in desperate need of some fall clothes, OK maybe not "desperate" but I could use some.  Needless to say I'm super excited about a weekend full of friends, oysters, fire pit, beer, shopping, and sleep!