Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NC State Fair

The hubby was off on Monday, so I decided to take the day off as well and head to the State Fair with Peyton!  We got there in the morning and had an absolute blast!!!  The weather was beautiful and the crowds weren't bad at all.  It made my day to see her face as we walked down the midway.  Her eyes couldn't have been any wider if she tried.  She thought it was amazing watching all the rides spin around and fly over her head.  She kept yelling "up up up". 

Hands down Peyton's favorite part of the day was the animals.  She loved watching the baby piggies eat and kept snorting (her pig noise) and saying "nummy nummy....night night....nummy nummy".  Let me translate for you... "nummy nummy" refers to the fact that the piggies were eating.  "Night night", well that's pretty obvious.  She thought they were sleeping since they were laying down.  She thought the goats were doggies and kept saying "woof woof" followed by some panting. 

Of course she loved the food, no surprise there.  We had a hot dog, Philly cheese steak, french fries, and cotton candy!  She ate like a champ!  She also had a blast at the Marbles Museum tent and was thrilled when Clifford the Big Red Dog walked out.  We were able to get up to him and touch him (she stroked his arm, it was adorable), but we couldn't get a picture with him.  Every time we tried, about 5 other brats kids would run up and jump in front of us.  It wasn't worth it after about 10 mins. 

Peyton was KNOCKED OUT not long after we pulled out of the parking lot.  She slept the entire way home, got right in her crib and slept another 2.5 hrs! 

Unfortunately we didn't take our nice camera, but I did get some good pics with the point and shoot camera.  Enjoy!

When we first got there, saying "up up"

Checking out the animals!

 Super excited about the food...

She ran in to her buddy Owen!


About 5 mins after we pulled out of the parking lot...


  1. SO CUTE!! I bet you guys had a blast! That super cute ponytail on the top of her head, are you using a clip or a ponytail holder? What works at staying in?

  2. Thanks! It's just a clip, she won't sit still long enough for me to use a ponytail holder. The alligator clip stays in pretty well!