Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Starting

A lot of things have "started" this week already...and it's only Wednesday.

Peyton has started her attempt at crawling (more than an attempt if you ask me).  I'm not sure if I'm ready for this, it's happening so fast!  She gets up on hands and knees, rocks back and forth, puts 1 hand and knee forward, then the other hand and knee, then she crashes.  I see it coming in the next few weeks...she'll be all over the place.  All she wants to do is be on the floor practicing lately! 

Peyton has also started sitting up completely unsupported for longer than a minute or 2.  Stage 2 foods, here we come. 

We have started PACKING...finally.  It hit me that we have about 4 weeks before we move.  That's not a long time at all, especially with Thanksgiving coming up!  I worked on the living room last night and got all of our decorations boxed up and all of our decorations and pictures in the dining room packed up.  Edwin's at home this afternoon working on the kitchen.  We're just leaving out the bare minimum, and everything else is going in boxes!  We'd like to start taking boxes over to the new house and storing them in one of the empty rooms so we're not crawling over boxes for the next few weeks. 

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