Friday, October 15, 2010

The Next Few Weeks

The next few weeks are going to be very busy, and very fun!  We have parties, family events, Halloween, house stuff, the list goes on and on.  I'll start with this weekend...

I'm so excited, we're taking Peyton to the pumpkin patch tomorrow morning.  We were going to go to Hillridge Farms, but after talking to Hannah, we decided to try out Vollmer Farm.  It's much closer to us and since Peyton's still so young, closer is better.  I can't wait to take her.  I've always loved doing little family things like this and everything is so much more fun now that we have Peyton.  It's like I get to experience everything for the 1st time all over again!  Saturday evening we have a get together to go to, we won't be able to stay long since it starts later in the evening but we'll go for an hour or so.  Then Sunday we don't have too many plans.  We've got to do some major house cleaning and de-cluttering in case we have anyone that wants to come look at the house.  We have 2 people interested in our house, that should be contacting us in the next few days.  I haven't announced it officially yet, but we're MOVING!  We're staying in the same town, we just need more space.  So we're moving to a bigger house, and we couldn't be more excited.  Sunday evening we're sitting down and talking about a move in date. 
**It's my Uncle's house, but he lives at the beach full time now so he decided to sell it.  He still has lots of furniture and stuff in the house and we're meeting with him Sunday to hopefully agree on a move in date before Edwin's work schedule gets insane and holidays get here.**

NEXT weekend we're going to an awesome Halloween party.  Some friends of ours have this party every year, and it never disappoints.  They do it up right!  This will be our first night away from Peyton (overnight), and I'm a little anxious about it.  I know she'll be fine, it's me I'm worried about!  But it will be good for us to go out with friends and let loose for a night.  Edwin is going to be a 50's greaser and I'm going as a pin up :) 

The FOLLOWING weekend is HALLOWEEN!!!  Peyton's 1st Halloween, I can't wait!  We'll probably take her to the fall festival at my parent's church that Friday night.  They do "trunk or treat" and have lots of fun activities.  Then Sunday my little munchkin will get to wear her awesome strawberry costume and go trick or treating...OK she's not really going trick or treating, but we will go out and pretend to trick or treat! 

So those are our next few weekends.  Soooo exciting!  In between all of that we'll be cleaning, boxing things up, throwing things away, etc....  Lots of excitement in the Killette household these days! 


  1. if you guys are around, our annual neighborhood party is oct. 30th... it starts at 3... in the cul-de-sac... love to see you guys there... peyton would get an extra chance to wear her costume :-D

  2. I was meaning to ask you what day you guys were going to do that. We'll definitely come! Any extra chance for her to wear her costume :) Plus Edwin has to work Halloween, so he won't get to see her on her 1st Halloween :(