Sunday, October 3, 2010

5 Months Old!

I can't believe it, my baby girl is 5 months old today!  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital...I know people always say that, but it's true!  She's really becoming such a little person and is FULL of personality. 

She's most definitely a talker (wonder where she gets that from lol).  She likes to be up and moving sitting still for this little girl.  She's riding front facing in her stroller now like a big girl, and she loves it.  I have to be careful because she grabs everything we walk by in stores and tries to put it in her mouth.  Speaking of putting things in her mouth, her new favorites are my cell phone, our remotes, and....her feet!  The feet of her footie pj's are always wet in the mornings. 

She loves talking to people, but we have noticed that she tends to prefer women over men.  She's definitely a Mama's girl and is a little wary of people that come on too strong or get in her face.  However, if we're out shopping she talks to EVERY SINGLE PERSON that walks by.  It's so funny.  She gets an offended look on her face when people ignore her comments too.  She loves shopping just like her Mommy :)  She also loves our animals...all of them!  If they walk by she gets excited and squeals and reaches for them.  Matty has always been protective of her and she lets her pull her fur and ears and sits there like a champ.  Our cat Marshmallow loves rubbing up against her and our pug Otis loves any kind of attention!

She's finally rolling from front to back and back to front, which is making Mommy's nights much easier since I don't have to constantly flip her back to her tummy.  She has just started sitting up on her own for about a minute at a time!  Her first 2 teeth are going to come through soon.  I can see the outline of them about to break through the top of her gums, and a small corner has already started. 

She goes to bed super early, which can make it difficult to do things in the evening.  We never go out to dinner anymore and we can't attend our small group now, but it's what's right for her.  I refuse to keep her out and tired just so I can do something I want to do.  I'm sure her sleep time will change at some point, but for now it's between 6pm and 6:30pm. 

I really don't know what we did before we had her, she's our whole world now and we're so blessed to have her in our lives!  I love her more and more every single day! 

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