Friday, January 28, 2011

9 Month Update

Today was Peyton's 9 month check up.  Wow, I really can't believe she's almost 9 months old (on the 3rd).  It's crazy to see how much she has changed in the past 9 months, I get all choked up just thinking about it.  She's turning in to such a little girl and sometimes it just makes me want to cry!

She's right in between the 50th and 75th percentile in height, weight, and head circumference.  She weighs 19lbs 10oz!  I'm glad her height has slowed a little (she was in the 90th percentile at her 6 month appt) because she was going through pant sizes with a quickness!

A few things about her at 9 months....
  • She's talking up a storm, she says "mama" all.the.time.  She also says a version of "I Love You" that will make your heart melt.
  • She loves to anything! 
  • She gives the most adorable sloppy kisses!  She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out a little then leans in and gets you right on the kisser
  • She's still a Mama's girl all the way
  • She has 6 teeth (#5 and #6 literally just started poking through last night) 
  • She still goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps until 6:30am or so
  • She's still napping at 10am and 3pm for 1.5 - 2 hrs each 
  • She's a mover and a shaker and is on the go 24/7...crawling, standing, "creeping" around the furniture
  • She loves to eat and has 3 meals a day.  She mostly eats table foods now and we let her try pretty much anything.  She likes hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pasta wheels, green beans, peas, bananas, peaches, pancakes, waffles, and of course puffs
  • We're working on sippy cups, and she's slowly getting better with them although she prefers to chew on the spout.  She'd much rather drink from an "adult cup" and she's not bad at it, but it can get a little messy!
It's hard to believe I'm already planning her 1st birthday party!  We're actually going to Peyton's friends 1st birthday party tomorrow.  We had a pregnancy pact at our church (ok not really, but it sure seemed that way) and about 6 of us were pregnant right around the same time.  Jackson was one of the first born, and we're excited to go to his party tomorrow. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Wow!! What a big girl! I can't wait to hear the I love you, how sweet! I can't imagine it gets much better than that. Love hearing about Peyton, she is perfect!