Monday, January 31, 2011

Armed and Dangerous

I FINALLY took my concealed carry class this weekend.  I say finally because I was supposed to take it oh about 18 months or so ago.  Then I found out I was preggers and well, you know how that goes!  So a friend of ours who also happens to be a Sgt. at my husband's PD was teaching the class and said it was supposed to be a primarily female class.  One other police wife signed up with me...and about 7 other MEN.  Ugh, what happened to the women?!  Of course then we were even more determined to kick butt!

The class was super boring, but it was nice to have a friend teaching it.  The range part was of course the fun part.  He took the 2 women and 2 of the guys in first and we smoked both of the guys (not literally).  Definitely a great feeling!  I was proud of my shooting, I can do better but it was pretty darn good for not shooting in almost 2 years!

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