Monday, January 3, 2011


My princess is 8 months old today!  I know I say this all the time, but where has the time gone?!  I can't believe we will be celebrating her 1st birthday in just 4 short months.  I'm starting to get really excited about this summer (yes already) and taking Peyton to Ocracoke Island for a week.  It's our absolute favorite vacation spot and we try to go every year.  I can't wait for Peyton to experience it, and she'll be such a fun age this summer. 

Here is a little bit about Peyton at 8 months old....
  • Makes "raspberry" noises all the time.
  • Dances constantly...especially when we go out to eat and they're playing music.  She even dances while she eats, it's hilarious.
  • Gives hugs and kisses.  Her kisses are so cute...they're these open mouth, slobbery kisses and she licks you a little bit too (kisses only a Mother could love I'm sure).
  • Says a version of "Mama".  Now I'm sure she doesn't know what it means yet, but it still melts my heart.  She only says it when she's crying and she lets out an exaggerated "MAAAAMMMMMMAAAAA".
  • Walks while holding on to furniture.
  • She's WIDE open 99% of the time, she doesn't like to be confined or restricted for any extended period of time.  Time in a stroller is limited as she'd rather be up at "adult height" seeing everything around her.  She's on the go constantly and I wouldn't have it any other way! 
  • Naps around 10am and again around 3pm.
  • Goes to bed between 7pm and 7:30pm and sleeps through the night until 6:30am or 7am...lately we've been getting some 7:30am wakings on the weekends.
  • LOVES music.
  • Has 2 teeth and is currently hard at work on 2 more bottom teeth and her 2 top teeth.
  • Eating Stage 3 foods, but prefers anything we're eating.
  • Loves pancakes, hot dogs, banana pudding (thanks to Uncle David), and ranch dressing we recently discovered.
  • Bath time is her favorite part of the evening.
  • Favorite shows are Special Agent Oso, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Handy Manny.
I don't have any "official" stats for this month since we don't have a doctor's appointment again until 9 months, and I'll post some 8 month pictures once I download them off our new awesome camera we just purchased (thank you Becky for the help!). 


  1. oh! fun!! didn't know you got a dslr camera, too...

    and by the way--a big sigh of relief--NO SHOTS on her 9 month check up... :) just thought you'd wanna know that!

  2. Yup, it was our gift to ourselves :) We really needed a nice camera to get all those awesome shots of Peyton since she poses for like 1/10th of a second before something else has her attention!
    Yes I'm super happy about no shots!