Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bye Bye Bottle

Last week I started weaning Peyton off the bottle.  I was really stressed about the whole thing, but it's been much easier than I anticipated.  I attribute her super busy and "on the go" nature to it...she just doesn't have time to take a bottle anymore! 

I started with her morning bottle.  It was a little sad because we always used to cuddle up on the couch and watch cartoons while she had her morning bottle...until a few weeks ago that is.  She had recently started getting up constantly during her bottle to go play or look out the window or just GO in general.  So I knew it was probably time to nix that bottle.  The first day she took her cup fine, she just didn't drink a whole lot.  By the 2nd day she was drinking about 6oz (it's a 12oz cup), and now she's drinking a good 8oz. 

I was going to give her a few days before I took away the afternoon bottle, but Nonnie went ahead and tried it on Monday...she did fine!  She's drinking from that same 12oz cup throughout the day and finishing it, then drinking about 6-7oz of milk in the evening, and a full bedtime bottle.  She has water in between as well.  So now I'm not worried that she's not getting enough calcium, plus she has cheese and yogurt during the day.
Now it's bedtime bottle time and I'm just not there.  Yes, I'M the one that's having the hard time weaning from this bottle.  I look forward to bedtime every single day, it's my favorite time.  I love going in her room, rocking her, and singing to her while she has her bottle.  I love the way she stares up at me like I'm the only person in the world that matters to her.  I just cherish that time so much.  She'll be 1 in less than 2 weeks, she's taking steps and trying to walk, she's so busy every second that she's awake...but that bedtime belongs to me.  Sooo, I'm going to hold off for a little until I can find a suitable bedtime routine that I'm OK with and doesn't make me want to cry. 

All in all, I'm so relieved that this bottle weaning went so well.  I've heard horror stories and I was nervous.  I don't know if it helped that Peyton never took a pacifier (she HATED them) or that she never did like using the normal sippy cups, only sippy's with straws for my diva!  Either way I'm going to be very happy to stop washing bottles...even though there are parts I will miss.  Not to mention I have bought my LAST container of formula, woo hoo!!!!  It's 1/2 gone and I can't wait to not buy that liquid gold anymore! 


  1. Oh that made me a little sad just reading it! But at the same time it is so great that she is growing and learning new things!! I'm dreading the weaning as well. I hope it goes as smoothly for me as it did for you:)

  2. we had a super easy switch off of formula, but the bottle has been a different story... doctor said not to do it when she's sick... and geez, she's been sick since march 1! ugh!!!!!

    but, all better now... i think we're going to try again in the next few weeks...

    maybe y'all can still have those bedtime moments--reading a story or songs or quiet activity before bed...she might not miss her bottle, but she'll miss that time with YOU!! :)