Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poor Girl

My poor baby had such a rough evening yesterday, it broke my heart.  When she woke up yesterday she had a super runny nose but was fine other than that.  When I picked her up she looked like she felt awful.  I immediately recognized all the signs...bright red cheeks, fever, gnawing on her fingers, tons of snot and even more drool...teething had reared its ugly head yet again. 

The last 2 teeth Peyton handled really well and I assumed we were over the worst of the teething until it was time for molars.  Oh wait, she's almost a year old...yes it appears to be molar time for my poor girl.  The snot and drool were worse than I've ever seen and her fever was higher than her usual teething fever, but thankfully still pretty low.  She was in a great mood until we hit about 6:30pm and she just couldn't take it anymore.  She started moaning and groaning and just wanted Mommy to hold her (which I gladly did!).  She got down to play on the floor, looked at me, coughed, and vomited everywhere.  I completely lost it!  Before she could even finish throwing up I had scooped her up (and had throw up all over my shirt), grabbed the phone, and started dialing the Pediatrician...yes I have the number memorized!  Now I knew that she had just gagged a little on all the drool and mucus and she was fine, but I needed a professional to tell me that...and they did.  The sweet nurse told me she was fine as long as her fever didn't spike, she was drinking plenty of fluids, and didn't continue to vomit.  She said she was very sure it was just teething, which was nice to hear even though it didn't make my baby feel any better :(

I snuggled and rocked her before bed and she drifted off to sleep fairly easy.  I got in the bed early because I just knew I'd be up all night with Peyton...yeah right!  That child didn't move all night, in fact we had to wake her up this morning to go to my Mom's.  Granted I still woke every hour or 2 just to look at the monitor and make sure she was Ok, I couldn't help it. 

She was smiling this morning, but still had a very snotty nose.  I'm praying she'll have a good day and a much better evening.  These molars are wicked!

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