Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Steps

Peyton took her first steps last night, it was totally unexpected!  She really hasn't seemed interested in trying to walk.  She'll cruise on the furniture all day long, but would much rather crawl to get around.  This weekend I noticed she was standing own her own a lot more now that she's realizing crawling outside hurts in shorts and sundresses. 
Last night she was standing against the couch and I was just a little more than an arms reach away holding her Minnie and Mickey.  She wanted them so bad...she reached her hand out and I kept mine just short of hers....then she took 2 steps and got to her toys!  I couldn't believe took me a few minutes to process what happened.  Of course Edwin was working and I couldn't get her to do it again so I could video it.  Later she was playing in my bedroom and took another step on her camera yet again. 
Who knows if she'll do it again any time soon or not, but it was such an amazing thing to witness.  I teared up after it happened, my baby is growing in to a toddler right before my eyes!


  1. Just in time for her first birthday in a couple weeks!!!:)

  2. That is so exciting! She's getting to be a big girl :)

  3. YEAH PEYTON! Doesn't it make you want to freeze time and speed it up so they walk all at once? Crazy!! How is your bday planning going. Umm...I had some great ideas, but haven't acted on ANY OF THEM! YIKES! Have you thought about when you'll start giving Peyton milk? Are you starting on her bday?

  4. Yes, I can't wait for her to be able to walk. Of course I'll miss having a baby once she's an official toddler :( Bday planning is going good, I picked the "theme" months ago and have gotten some awesome handmade stuff on But I haven't gotten ANY of the basic necessities (plates, tables, chairs, etc...).
    I've actually started giving Peyton some milk already (I know it's a no no). I'm on my last container of formula and refuse to buy more, so I've been mixing a few oz of milk with her formula. But I'm super nervous about weaning her off the bottle! How about you?

  5. I'm thinking the same thing. One of my friends started milk a few weeks before her son's birthday and he was fine! Are you buying whole milk? Did you get organic? The next time I buy milk I'm going to get some whole milk and start mixing. I'm still nursing, so the idea of having to pump....ugh. I'm thinking I may feed her, stop a little early and give her some milk. Are you heating it or giving it to her cold? Who would've thought this was so confusing!

  6. I just use whole milk and she sucks it down just fine. I give it to her cold, straight out of the fridge. Good for you nursing this long, I wish I could have lasted longer...I just wasn't a super producer and couldn't pump at work when I went back. But I'm proud of the few months I was able to do it!
    Do you pump any or just nurse? If she drinks from a bottle any, have you thought of how you're going to switch to a sippy cup?