Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Back

Sorry it's been a few days, but we've had a rough time at the Killette household this week.  I finally figured out why the weekend and this week had been so tough on poor Peyton...she has her first ear infection!  She was stuffy and coughing Monday night, but she still slept pretty well.  She coughed all night long in her sleep though.  I noticed some congestion when I took her to Nonnie's on Tuesday, but when I picked her up it had gotten 100 times worse.  It was so pitful.  She had red rings around her eyes and a little red nose and just looked like she felt awful.  Tuesday night was horrible, she would NOT sleep in her bed.  That's not like her at all, so I knew something was really wrong.  I had to "sleep" (and I use the term loosely) propped up in the bed with her on my chest all night long.  When we even tried to lay her down, she would scream.  She had a fever early Wednesday morning and had started folding her ear down and smashing it against her head, so I called the pediatrician.  They wanted to see her and turns out it was an ear infection and she had a fever of 99.9 :(  They told me to watch the fever because they take it very serious if it gets to 100.4.  Thankfully it started going down yesterday. 
I'm so proud of her, she's been such a little trooper.  Even though she feels awful, she has been laughing and smiling and talking constantly...unless the pain got too much to handle.  After 2 doses of antibiotics yesterday, I could already tell a difference.  She slept in her bed last night and only woke up twice.  She still sounds awful when she breathes (a lot like our pug Otis actually) but hopefully she's starting to feel better! 
For those of you that haven't experienced the ear infection yet, I don't envy you when it's your turn!  It makes you feel like a brand new Mommy all over sleep, not sure what to do, nervous.  Not a good feeling.  Edwin had to work late yet again, so thankfully my wonderful Mom came over and helped me...went to the doctor with me, cooked dinner for me, let me sleep for a few hours, kept me company, etc...

On another note, when they weighed her she's at 13.4lbs!  I can't believe it!  It's hard to believe she was ever 5 lbs 14oz and in preemie clothes!  LOVE that little munchkin :)

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