Monday, August 23, 2010

Such a Big Girl!

We had 2 big milestones this weekend...Miss Peyton had her first solids (see below) and slept in her crib in her OWN bedroom for the first time!  She naps in there on weekends, but this was her first full night in there!  She did really well for still being a little sick.  She went to bed at her usual time around 6:30pm, I got her up at 10pm for her "dreamfeed" which she slept straight through (like ususal), then she slept until 2:30am.  She started calling out "Mommy, I'm hungry"...ok not really, but that's what I interpret her babbling as meaning.  I fed her in her room and it took a little longer than usual to get her back down.  She usually eats and goes straight back to sleep, but she realized she was in a different room and got all excited and wanted to tell me about it.  It took about 30 mins and she was back to sleep until 6:15am.  She did make some noises and cry out around 5am, but she calmed down with a little patting and "shush-ing".  All in all, a very successful night!

I think we ALL slept better and more soundly.  She didn't have to hear us walking by her bed 100 times getting showers, brushing our teeth, changing, etc... or Matty jumping up and down off the bed 50 times during the night.  We didn't have to worry about not dropping something or bumping in to her pack n play or turning up the TV too loud.  Granted, I did have the video monitor on my nightstand and the Angelcare monitor on Edwin's nightstand! 
Hopefully once Miss Priss starts feeling 100% again, her nights will get even better and we'll get past this constant waking during the night! 

Here's a picture of her during her nap yesterday....note how she sucks on her hand and twirls her "mullet" with her other hand.  ♥ her!

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