Monday, August 23, 2010

LOVE My Angelcare!

I mentioned this item in my previous post, so I thought I do a little blurb about it....

Peyton started sleeping on her tummy at 8 weeks.  She just didn't like sleeping on her back.  She would break out of swaddles (no matter how tight you wrapped her!) and wake herself up with her hands constantly.  I finally just gave in to the fact that she takes after her Mommy and is a tummy sleeper.  If you have kids, you know they TERRIFY you with the risk of SIDS and promote the "Back to Sleep" campaign religiously.  But the child needed to sleep, and so did we!  So we flipped her over and she slept 6 straight hours the first night and it's been Heaven ever since!  Of course I woke up constantly the first few nights, but we ended up buying this Angelcare Monitor. 

There are several versions of it, but we went with the cheaper ($99) one.  It's the GREATEST thing ever!  There's a pad that goes under the mattress and you adjust the sensitivity and turn the monitor on.  You can use it as just a normal sound monitor or as a movement and sound monitor.  If it doesn't sense any movement for 20 seconds, an alarm sounds.  The super delux version also shakes the bed when the alarm goes off.  This monitor has given me such relief and helps me sleep much better...especially since Peyton only wants to sleep with her head crammed in the corner of the bed. 

So if your little one is a tummy sleeper too, definitely check it out!

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