Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh What a Night!

Saturday night was a great night all around.  Edwin and I had our 2nd date night since Peyton was born.  We went to see "The Other Guys" which was HILARIOUS!  Granted I'm a huge Will Ferrell fan, but I don't know how anyone could not like this movie.  We went to an earlier showing so we could take our time with dinner and hang out.  We went to Fox and Hound for dinner and drinks and it was so nice to have some real quality time together.  We even made it a point not to talk about Peyton the entire time like we did the previous date (which is really hard to do).  After dinner we went to Total Wine and bought some goodies (can you tell I just stopped breast feeding lol). 

We picked our little princess up from Nonnie and Pa Pa's around 9pm and she was out like a light, slept the entire way home, never woke up from the car seat to the bed and slept until almost 2am.  I calmed her at 2am and she went back to sleep until 4am, ate, then back down until around 7.  It was almost like the "good ole' days".  I really thought she was getting back on track, but she was just tricking me....

Last night (Sunday) was the worst yet.  Now, mind you we're going on week 3 of this mess.  She went to bed, woke up 2 hrs later and ate, we got her up 2 hrs after that to feed her and hopefully "tank her up" for the night...didn't work.  She was up again at 2am and was HUNGRY.  She ate 6 ounces, back down, up at 4am W-I-D-E awake!  She ate another 5 ounces and stayed up until 6am!  Who are you?!  I got her to fall asleep around 5:15am, but once she was in her bed she was awake again.  I let her lay there until 6am and she laughed and talked to herself the entire time.  She fell asleep at 6am and woke again at 7am! 

I had to call the pediatrician today because she's had some constipation issues the past few days and the pear juice they suggested didn't work and made her gassy.  So while I had the nurse on the phone I mentioned this stuff to her too.  So now I'm waiting to hear back because she wanted to talk to the doctor about it.  She seemed to think it was too long for a growth spurt and since she's nearing 4 months may be ready for some solids.  I shouldn't be surprised because she's hit every milestone weeks early (I'm not just bragging, it's true...aka teething at 12 weeks).  So who the heck knows.  I'm hoping the pediatrician will have some answers for me today, especially since Edwin is always out of town working lately and I'm having to fly solo a lot of these fun nights. 

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