Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Small Waterfall in our House

I got home a little early yesterday from work because of a meeting I had.  We had to put a bowl (I don't mean a small bowl, we used the biggest bowl we could find) by our couch in the morning because we had a slight leak in our slight I mean just a drop or 2 every now and then.  If you've never seen our house, it's a really retro-looking house that was built in 1950 with an almost completely flat roof and no attic space between the roof and ceiling.  We've had a small leak here and there before and we (by "we" I mean Edwin) have to spread this sealant stuff on the roof sometimes.  So I walk in and looked in the living room and thought "wow, there's a shadow that's making the bowl look like it's completely full".  Upon further inspection I realized the bowl WAS completely full and spilling over....on to our wonderful suede couch!!!  We HAD an "L" shaped sectional couch and over 50% of it was completely soaked through with water!  Our slight leak had turned into a small waterfall!   NOT what I wanted to come home to!

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