Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mommy/Daughter Time

What a great 3 days it has been!  I took off work Friday because my parents were going out of town, so I decided to stay home with Peyton instead of sending her to our backup daycare.  We had such a great day together.  I took her by my office to see my co-workers since they hadn't seen her in a few months, then we met my husband and 2 of his co-workers at North Hills and had some lunch.  Peyton enjoyed some squash while Mommy and Daddy had Italian buffet....she quickly realized her squash and banana puffs didn't look quite as good as our food!
She slept all the way home, took a nice nap, then we headed out on a Wal-Mart run for a few things.  Not a super exciting day, but I loved every second.  It was such a great day to me, just because I was spending it with her instead of at work!  I wish I could do that more, but working part time (or not at all) just isn't in the cards for us. 

Saturday we had our first family Christmas pictures!  Peyton did great, but made us work for smiles.  She wasn't fussy in the least, but was SO preoccupied by the Christmas tree behind her she wouldn't look at us :)  We got a few smiles and all the pictures turned out great (see below).  Then we headed out to look at a few cars.  We've decided to consolidate vehicles.  It's crazy for us to have a huge car payment on the vehicle we NEVER drive anymore now that we have Peyton.  It's just too small and cramped for a car seat.  So I drive the Jeep everyday, but it's a Patriot and has awful cargo space.  Edwin has 2 work vehicles so we don't need 2 cars, it's just a waste.  We had them appraise our 2 vehicles and found an SUV we like that they had online.  It's at their Winston Salem lot, so they're bringing it here Monday so we can check it out in person.  It's a 2006, but only has 8,000 miles and is still under warranty.  The pics look great, so we're hoping it's not too good to be true.  If all works out, we'll be saving a lot more money each month!

Sunday we Edwin worked out at the new house in the yard and Peyton and I tagged along so she could see her other Grandparents who came to help Edwin.  We left at nap time the came back out for a while.  We have SO much to do in the next 3 weeks and it's finally hitting me!  Luckily we have this Thursday off so we're sending Peyton to my Mom's just like a normal work day so we can get some major packing done. 

Here are a few of our Christmas pictures...enjoy!


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