Monday, November 1, 2010

1st Halloween

Well Peyton's 1st Halloween has come and gone.  We had such an amazing weekend FULL of activities.  Friday evening we dressed her up and took her down to the church down the street's Festi-Fall.  They had trunk-or-treating, farm animals, food, games, and all sorts of fun.  I was wondering how Peyton would do since it started after 6pm (and usually it's pointless to take her out much after 6pm because she's so sleepy), but she was so amazed by all the decorations and kids.  She was 1/2 asleep for most of the festival, but she was determined to keep her eyes opened to see everything!  We left a little after 7pm and got her to bed...she was OUT in 5 mins flat. 

Saturday we went to the neighborhood down the street from us to see a few friends.  They were having their annual Halloween block party.  We couldn't stay long because we had some moving to do, and Miss Priss started getting super fussy.  Poor girl had a rough evening Saturday and was extremely fussy.  She went to bed a little early and slept like a log!  Teething has gotten increasingly worse the past week or so, I don't know how she does it!
Sunday...HALLOWEEN!  Unfortunately Edwin had to work, like every year.  They all have to work every single Halloween, which sucks.  He was so upset to miss her 1st Halloween, but at least he was able to see her in her costume Friday and for a little on Saturday.  Sunday morning/early afternoon Peyton decided it was a good day to just relax and prepare for the events later in the day....

So she did a little lounging

Some reading

and watched a little TV

Then her Great Aunt and cousin came by to meet her for the 1st time

Then we headed out for her Halloween date with her
 boyfriend Owen...

She totally attacked him lol

Deep in conversation...probably about how their silly
Mommies keep taking pictures!

Then we headed over to see my Grandma for a little before we came home.  We had a late dinner then my little munchkin was out for the night.  A friend of mine stopped by with her 2 boys, they had a Halloween present for Peyton which was so sweet.  They got her some Gerber puffs since she can't have candy yet!

All in all, a WONDERFUL Halloween!  I can't wait for her 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas now!

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