Sunday, March 13, 2011

Awesome Weather = Awesome Weekend

What a busy and wonderful weekend we had!  Friday night we had plans to hang out with some good friends of ours that we haven't seen in forever!  Peyton was in a GREAT mood...until we took a step in the door.  I'm still not quite sure what happened, but the second we walked in the door she started bawling!  It lasted about 20 mins, then it's like the light turned on and she was perfectly fine...silly girl.  She had a blast with her friend Greyson, they crawled laps around the house like crazy kids!  Greyson's so sweet and he likes to crawl and act like a "baby" (he's 2) when he's with Peyton.  Of course Peyton loves that.  We're going to the beach with them for a week this summer and I definitely think Peyton and Greyson will have a blast together.  Here are a few pics from the night...

Saturday we went out to breakfast at Chick Fil A, then ran a few errands.  That evening Peyton's boyfriend Owen came over (with his parents of course).  I cooked dinner for the adults while the kids played.  Peyton went down about an hour after they got there.  I kept close to her normal bedtime Saturday night since she stayed up so late Friday night.  Then we ate dinner and hung out, it was a good night.  I didn't get any pics that night.

Sunday we ALL made it to church...finally!  With the time change Peyton ended up sleeping until 8am, so she was able to stay awake a little later and make it through the service.  She did good in the nursery...something I always stress about.  Of course it helped that our friend Meghan was working, and she knows her.  After church my in-laws came over for a few hrs and I watched Duke kick UNC's butt!!!  ALWAYS a fun time!  After Peyton woke up and had some lunch, we headed to the park for our church's 1st Sunday Funday!  We took a walk on the nature trail when we first got there and I got my work out in!  Pushing a stroller and a 20 lb child on a nature trail is an awesome work out.  Peyton got to hang out with her boyfriend Owen again, and we discovered how much she loves sand (she's going to LOVE the beach)!  She didn't care much for the swings, all she wanted to do was crawl around in the sand.  She crawled around for almost 2 hrs, stopping only for some snacks and to play with random kids she met.  The weather was beyond perfect, I can't wait for more and more days like this!

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