Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a nice and pretty uneventful weekend this past weekend.  The hubby unfortunately had to work, but it will just make this coming week and weekend that much sweeter. 

Saturday morning Peyton and I did our usual shopping and out to breakfast routine (we do that every weekend Edwin works).  She played and finally went down around 11:30am* at which point Edwin and I sat outside for the entire 2 hours she was asleep.  It was wonderful to sit out and enjoy the 80 degree weather, I even got some sun and awesome tank top lines. 

*We seem to be having some nap time adjustments going on these days.  She's going down later and later and fighting that 2nd nap more and more.  I feel like it's just too early for 1 nap a day, so for now I fight for a 2nd nap.  Some days we get one, some days we don't.  Granted she's also going to bed a little later and sleeping a little later since daylight savings time.  We'll see what happens. 

Right as she woke up I got ready and went to a friends house for her La Boutique for Kids party.  I had been to another one of these parties when I was preggers, and they're so nice.  I got a few cute things for Peyton for this summer, then headed back home. 

Sunday Peyton and I made it to church for yet another week, we're on a streak!  I was proud of myself for getting up and getting us both ready and out the door for church on my own.  We missed church for several months after she was born due to napping issues.  She just wasn't at the point where she could last in the nursery without a melt down due to being exhausted.  But over the past few weeks, she suddenly can hang!  It's been so nice to be back at church and involved again.  I was nervous about the nursery, but she's done great every week.  She seems to slowly be getting better with her separation anxiety.  They say it usually peaks at 12-18 months, but I think we just had it earlier!  She gets a little upset and clingy when I drop her off (I send Edwin to drop her off when he doesn't work), but as I was leaving she saw a toy she wanted and I could hear her just babbling away.  The workers have said she's been great every week, except she did try to escape this past Sunday...leave it up to my wild one!

We watched a super cute video at church, and I just have to share it.  Check it out!
The Marshmallow Experiment

Sunday evening we went for a nice long walk with my friend Meghan and her son (Peyton's boyfriend).  We ended up walking way longer than we had planned so it was 8pm by the time we got home.  Peyton couldn't get to her crib fast enough, she skipped right over any type of bedtime routine and didn't move the entire night. 

It was a nice, peaceful, and calm weekend....I'm ready for another one!

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  1. Keep on fighting for that second nap! I think Harper went through the same thing around her age. I finally switched him to one nap sometime well after his first birthday, but I don't remember when :)