Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stroller Comparison

 I stumbled upon this first picture when I was looking back through the hundreds of pictures on my phone.  This was back right before Halloween (obviously) when I was trying Peyton out in an umbrella stroller at Babies R Us.  I was picking one out to put on our Christmas list.  She was 5 months old here.....

And HERE she is 2 weeks ago at the park.  She's 10 1/2 months in this picture.  It's so crazy how unbelievably fast they change!

I'm holding on as tight as possible, but it doesn't seem to keep her from growing up.  I think I'm going to be a blubbering idiot for the next few weeks leading up to her 1st birthday!


  1. Your little Peyton is just adorable!! She is almost the same age as my baby, Bella. I completely agree about being totally emotional on her first birthday. It's sad and happy all at once!!:)

  2. I was a blubbering idiot at Bells first birthday, sometimes I am a blubbering idiot just watching her sleep at night. Which I do way too much!!