Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Mirena

*TMI Alert:  Stop reading now if you don't want to know*

A fellow "blogger buddy" of mine did a post about having her Mirena removed due to crazy side effects.  When I read her post, I had actually just scheduled my appointment to have mine inserted.  Sooo I thought I'd do a little post about it and see if I end up with any of her side effects over time. 

I made the decision a while back to research some new BC options.  I've been on the pill for years, but I always have bad side effects or I forget to take them.  I had Nuvaring for a while, which I loved, but there's no generic so it was $50 a month.  I had a consultation to discuss the Mirena and Paraguard.  After lots of questions, I decided on the Mirena.  They order one for you and then call you with the cost after running it on your insurance, that way you can decide if you definitely want it or not.  Well mine came back with the best price ever....$0.  Yes please! 

I went in yesterday morning to have the IUD inserted. 
(Here Comes the Detail)
You schedule the insertion for when you're on your cycle....kinda gross I know, but the doctor says it makes the insertion much easier.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, but honestly not much at the OBGYN worries me anymore after pushing a baby out!  The process was quick, about like a pap, and pretty pain free.  There was a decent amount of cramping, but nothing intolerable...think strong menstrual/early labor.  That was it, just like that I had 5 yrs worth of BC built in!  It can be removed any time before then very easily if/when we decide to have another baby. 
I will tell you that my doctor said women who haven't had a vaginal delivery tend to have a harder time with an IUD, mainly the insertion.  It's more painful for them. 

So now the fun begins and I wait to see how my body reacts.  So far, so good.  I had constant cramping all day yesterday and this morning.  I took some Ibuprofen this morning, and it went away.  Some people say they can feel the IUD for a while, I haven't felt a thing.  Supposedly I will bleed (lightly) pretty much daily for the next month, then about 1/2 of the following month, then it should taper off and most people's periods disappear for the most part.  Some still have light ones, some don' all depends on your body.  I was at the end of my cycle already, and I've just had very very light spotting.  I planned to have this done early in the year, so everything "should" be finished by summer! 

So that's my 1st day with Mirena, anything new will be posted!

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