Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been MIA this week due to the absolute worst stomach bug I've ever had.  I've always been the Mom/Wife that's still up taking care of the house and everyone else even when I'm sick...but this thing  The only thing we can figure out is that Peyton gave it to everyone (yes, everyone).  Peyton had 3 huge diaper blow-outs between early Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon, but I assumed it was teething related since she was drooling so bad.  She had no fever, was in a super mood, never acted like she was sick. 
My Mom called me around lunch on Tuesday and said she wasn't feeling well and had just thrown up so I should come get Peyton.  I left work to get her and was in their house for literally 5 mins.  We had a great day together, then around 2am Wednesday morning I woke up just not feeling "right".  I started throwing up around 2:15am and didn't stop until 3pm.  When I say "didn't stop", that's exactly what I mean.  I ended up on the bathroom floor until about 7am.  By 7am I was able to go about 45 mins between vomiting spells, so I moved to the bed.  I finally stopped throwing up around 3pm, but then the 103 degree fever hit and I STILL couldn't sleep.  I was too weak to walk and tried twice but passed out both times, it was really scary by that point.  Soooo by 8pm my fever finally broke and I was able to get some sleep, thank goodness!
The hardest part was not being able to be with Peyton, that absolutely killed me.  Edwin took care of her until he got sick on Wednesday, then my Mom took her until Wednesday evening.  Since she wasn't 100% yet, we called Edwin's parents for back up because we literally couldn't take care of her on our own.  They came over and kept her for the 1 1/2 hrs before bedtime and stayed the night just in case.  Edwin woke up feeling good this morning so he kept her until she woke from her first nap and then sent her over to my Mom's for this afternoon so he could rest a little.  I was SO happy when he could finally bring her in to see me this morning, gosh I missed her.  It was so hard listening to her beat on the bedroom door and cry "Mama, Mama" yesterday and not be able to do a thing about it.  It made me want to cry. 
So that's my past 48 hrs.  I look awful (like seriously awful), but am feeling a little better.  I'm even going to attempt a shower in a little while and had my first bite of solid food in 2 days just a few mins steps! 


  1. oh come on, don't you want to post a picture of yourself right now?! HAHAH... kidding... TOTALLY KIDDING! feel better!

  2. Just came across your blog. So sorry to hear how sick all of you are. My 2.5 year old passed it on to my hubby this week & I am hoping that the baby & I stay healthy. Praying that all of you have a quick recovery. The flu is the pits!

  3. Hannah, I don't want to scare off the few readers that I do have!

    Thanks Ashlie, I hope you guys manage to avoid it. This is the worse virus I've ever had!