Friday, March 18, 2011


Could this weather be any more perfect...I think not!!!!  This is my favorite kind of weather...nice breeze...75-80 degrees...sunny...light until 8pm...I LOVE it!  This weather also makes it harder when the hubby has to work though.  The winter isn't so bad because everyone is inside and it gets dark early.  But once spring/summer hits and everyone is outside cooking out, walking, enjoying the gets a little more difficult to be without him.  BUT I'm not writing to whine.

Peyton has FINALLY cut 2 of those 4 teeth she's been working on.  This makes a grand total of 6 pearly whites!  She had about 2 weeks of total misery a while back, I'm assuming that was when the teeth were moving the most (like I have any idea).  But the past 2 weeks they haven't seemed to bother her much at all.  Edwin just happened to catch a glimpse of them when she was laughing this morning.  Crazy how there's so much build up and then they just pop through in a matter of least that's how it seems to go with us.  The bottom ones "should" be very close behind, I can see them right under the gums. 

I already knew a nice long walk was in our future as soon as I saw the weather forecast.  I'm so excited to get back to our evening walks like we did all last summer and fall.  Peyton LOVES to be outside, I could probably walk for hours and she'd love every second.  We didn't walk for hours, but we did walk for about 1 hour and got a good 3 miles in.  Thankfully Nonnie walked with us so we didn't have to go alone.  I need an adult walking companion when Edwin can't go with me.  Peyton spent the entire walk pointing at every single thing, saying "kitty kitty" every time she saw a cat, and "woof woof" every time she saw a dog.  She loves to turn around, flash me a heart melting grin, and wave (and wave and wave and wave) every now and then before going back to her pointing and babbling.  When we got back to the car she sat in the stroller with a look on her face that said "ummm why exactly are we stopping Mommy".  She crashed hard about 10 mins after we walked in the door...after all, riding in stroller is hard work! 

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