Wednesday, January 18, 2012

106 Days

In exactly 106 days, I will have a 2 year old.  I know 106 days seems like a LONG time, but it's really's only 3 1/2 months away!  I'm really excited about her party this year, I think we're going to downsize and keep it smaller than her first birthday.  Although, our families are so big it can only be so small.  I have finally picked the theme and started saving awesome ideas and decorations on Etsy so I can start placing my orders. 

In just the past 2 months Peyton has changed so much.  It seems like she changes weekly these days.  She has been the most outgoing, fun, wide open, diva I've ever seen lately.  Tantrums had subsided over the past month (after I got some education on ways to deal with them), however they're definitely back this week.  I can't do too much punishing though because I know they're do to a very unwelcome visitor...the 2 year molars.  They have decided to start wrecking havoc on our lives this week.  I noticed hands in her mouth the past weeks, but she was in a great mood.  This week, however, is a different story.  She wants juice, then it's milk, then it's both, then it's neither.  That's about how life has been the past few days. 

But on a good note, potty training has been going amazing!  I haven't been pushing anything, I just leave her bare-bottomed and have the potty out for when she needs it.  If I see her squeezing her legs together, I simply throw out a "why don't you sit on your potty for a minute".  We've been toying with the potty since she was about 16 months old.  She's always liked going with me and always liked sitting (clothed) on her own potty.  So I just started taking her diaper and pants off when we're home.  She started off having more accidents than success and would get so upset with herself!  But we always told her it was OK, cleaned it up, and went on with life.  Now that she understands what the "urge to go" feels like, we have much fewer accidents.  On top of that she has pooped 3 times in the potty over the past few days!  She had 0 accidents yesterday evening and the hubby said she went 3 times this morning with 0 accidents before going over to Nonnie's!  I'm just so proud of her, she's growing so fast. 

Let the birthday party planning commence! 


  1. I need your tantrum taming advice! Did you ignore it, address it? Gotta love these tantrums!

  2. Tantrums when she's tired, hungry, TEETHING, I don't punish I just ignore or distract her. But when she's being disobedient I use the "no no chair"...I read about it in a book and it has really helped. She gets 1 warning, then she goes to the no no chair and I sit her down and say "you sit here until I tell you you can get up". Then immediately say "ok you can get up". Something about the fact that you're TELLING them they can get up really messes with their minds lol. So now when I threaten to sit her there her eyes get big and she straightens up. Now this is not 100% and we still have daily tantrums! I'm trying to work on my consistency.