Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kids Exchange

This morning I did some much needed shopping at the Kids Exchange Consignment Sale.  This sale goes on twice a year and I go every single time.  I started going when I was pregnant with Peyton and haven't missed one since.  Some people stick their noses up at hand-me-downs, but not I!  They make sure the clothes are good quality, so junk isn't accepted.  Lots of things still have original tags on them! 

This year was my first year to be a seller as well.  It was extremely time consuming, but hopefully worth all the trouble.  In the winter you sell/shop for spring and summer clothes and in the summer you sell/shop for fall and winter clothes.  I spent a total of $98 and have Peyton's entire spring/summer wardrobe.  I'm so excited!  Spring/summer clothes are by far my favorite to shop for, I can't resist adorable sundresses.  As a seller you get an early pass and are allowed to shop the day before the general public, and 2 weeks after the sale you get your check in the mail! 

Although I'm pumped about all the clothes I got, I'm even more excited about these...

Peyton's ECU hairbows! 

I stop at this stand every time I go to the Kids Exchange.  The lady that owns the business actually said "oh hey I know you, you shop with me a lot"...sad, I know.  The business is called BearABows, check out her store on Etsy!

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  1. ARRGHH! Love that Pirate gear! Sawyer has too may ECU outfits to count, but with his b-day next month I think we'll definitely be adding to the collection haha.