Tuesday, January 3, 2012

20 Month Update

I know I say this every time I do an update, but I seriously can't believe my munchkin is 20 months old.  She's going to be 2 in exactly 4 months!!!  I don't have any specific stats since she doesn't go to the pediatrician again until she's 2. 

  • Still tall, skinny, with a little head! 
  • She's wearing a variety of clothes depending on the brand.  18 months fits her best, but they're getting too short.  She can wear 24 month and some 2T for length, but they tend to be too wide.  We're just wearing the same things over and over that fit her for now!
  • We are in the midst of the "terrible two's" right now!   *We had 2 days a few weeks ago that were so bad, I caved and bought a book about the Terrible Two's.  I have to say it has really changed things at our house and life has been much calmer!
  • She's still talking up a storm, and slowly but surely I'm actually figuring out what she's talking about!
  • She's putting short sentences together...my personal favorite is "Mama, my butt cream" when she wants her Desitin :)
  • Still going to bed at 8pm, napping at 1pm, and waking around 7:30ish
  • Eating...anything and everything.  We heard "oh wow, she's a good eater" at every get together we went to over the holidays. 
  • Still loves a bath like nobody's business. *I swear we take 2 baths a day most weekends, just because she goes in to the bathroom and starts taking her clothes off and saying "Mama, my bath".  I think she's using it as her swimming pool replacement for the winter. 
  • Books and stickers are her absolute favorite toys
  • Her shopping cart, stroller, and baby dolls come in at a close 2nd.
  • Still loves to dance and sing
  • "No" seems to be her favorite word these days...followed by "mine" (but she says "my" instead)
  • She's still a complete and total Mommy's girl, she's attached at my hip! 
  • She finally isn't terrified of men anymore, which is nice
  • She's definitely a more passive toddler when playing in a group...meaning if someone takes her toy she's going to cry instead of hit or bite.  Which is fine by me, she's a lover not a fighter!
  • She's still a wild woman and fearless!  She's extremely strong-willed and stubborn...I swear I have no idea where she got that ;-)
  • She loves all that is girly...carrying around a purse, clothes, shoes, tutu's, etc..
  • She still loves budden budden's (cars) too, which makes her Daddy extremely happy.  She helps him work on his cars all the time!
As always, I'm sure there are a ton of things I'm leaving out.  Again, I say this all the time but this is such a fun age!  It is one of the most exhausting ages for me so far, but the most fun!  We're so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl to call ours!


  1. I could kick myself for not writing a post about Sawyer each month on the 10th! I am definitely going to start this Feb. 10th when he turns one.

  2. Sweet family picture!! And love her little chair. Too cute! It's amazing how fast it goes by...and sad. I swear, she will be 10 before you know it...trust me:)