Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Potty Training, Potty Training, Pott..You Get the Idea!

The title of this post perfectly captures what my life has been the past few days!  Peyton's only 20 months old, so potty training isn't something I had really been concentrating on.  But over the past 2 weeks she's really been doing well with the potty.  I had started letting her run around bare bottomed and kept the potty out in the living room and another one at the other end of the house.  I didn't push anything...if she went, she got a Hershey kiss, if she had an accident, that was fine too.  Then she started pooping in the potty on her own.  Sooo I figured why not go for it and push now before she loses interest?

A friend of mine sent me an email with the "3 Day Potty Training" method.  I decided, what the heck let's give it a try!  The method is mainly for kids 22 months and up, so I did some tweaking here and there and made it my own.  This lady says your kid can be 100% potty trained in 3 days, I don't believe that personally but that's just my opinion. 

This weekend was the perfect time to start.  It was cloudy, rainy, and cold so we had no desire to go anywhere.  I kept her in big girl panties ALL day Saturday and Sunday (except naps and bedtime) and said the ever-important phrase about 10 million times..."Let Mommy know if you need to use the potty".  I'm not going to lie, it was tiring.  With this method you're basically stuck to them like white on rice at all times.  You have to learn their pee-pee cues...quick!  Anytime I saw her squeezing her legs together or whimpering, I swept her up and off to the potty we went.  Sometimes she would protest sitting on the potty (but would inevitably go), sometimes she was relieved to get there.  Every time, no matter now much pee pee, she got tons of praise and a Hershey Kiss.  Saturday she had 3 accidents, Sunday she had 3 accidents, and then yesterday Nonnie took over and she only had 1 accident ALL DAY!  

It's a learning process for all of us.  I've learned that she uses the potty a LOT more after she wakes from her nap and in the evening.  It's not uncommon for her to go every 20-30 minutes several times.  She's learning to really empty her bladder and what that urge to go feels like.  She's really figuring it all out very quickly...of course she'll do about anything for a Hershey Kiss. 

So we're not using any diapers now except for bedtime.  I bought some Pull Ups for outings and naps until we're comfortable enough to go out in big girl panties.  I think once she can go several days at home with no accidents, we'll try some outings with panties.  It has been like Heaven to not have to change diapers the past few days.  I'm really getting used to this, and I'm cautiously optimistic that soon diapers will be a thing of the past. 

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